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Sponsored Ads

What are Sponsored Ads?


Sponsored Ads presents a unique opportunity for retail brands to showcase their brand and products directly on through an exclusive native ads’ solution.


There are several types of sponsored ads solutions available on Amazon:


  • Sponsored Products: Promote individual products directly on Amazon.


  • Sponsored Brands: Highlight your brand, logo, and multiple products within the same ad.


  • Sponsored Brand Video: Showcase your brand and product offering through video content directly on Amazon.


Why does it matter?


  1. Sponsored ads operate on a cost-per-click model, ensuring brands only pay when a customer on Amazon clicks on the ad.


  1. Brands using Sponsored Ads can target their ads to specific keywords, products, and brands, ensuring visibility to potential customers.


  1. Brands utilising Sponsored Ads gain visibility on hundreds of retail metrics.


With Sponsored Ads, you're in control.

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