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Amazon DSP

What is the Amazon DSP?​

The volume of advertising channels available increases daily making the decision on when and where to invest challenging. As a full-service eCommerce and digital media consultancy, our commitment is to ensure a superior result on your investment.


The Amazon DSP provides brands and agencies with unparalleled access to Amazon's 1st party audiences, spanning exclusive inventory unique to Amazon and across all publisher and inventory sources.


  • Tap into a vast audience of over 17 million Australians through Amazon's expansive reach.


  • Access exclusive inventory across, IMDb, Prime Video, and Twitch, offering unique advertising opportunities.


  • Leverage over 2,000 pre-built 1st party audience segments with the Amazon DSP.


Why does it matter?


  1. Gain access to in-market and lifestyle 1st party audiences from Amazon, Prime Video, IMDb, and Twitch.

  2. Access exclusive inventory unavailable elsewhere.

  3. Enjoy full-funnel reporting, attribution, and measurement based on 1st party data.


The Amazon DSP isn’t your typical DSP.   

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